The Story of Your Flowers.

Our mission is to make the experience of discovering the perfect floral designs as wonderful as your wedding itself.
We bridge the gap between flowers and people, offering services that fit with your personal style, lifestyle, and love story.
Our process

Step 1. Consultation

We design for a wide range of weddings, focussing on the smallest of details to bring the big picture to life. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our studio and arrange a consultation. Our initial discussions are a fun opportunity for us to learn about your wedding plans and ideas for design. We will discuss all aspects of your wedding from dresses, flower varieties, colour palettes to design ideas.

Step 2. The Proposal

Within one week of your consultation, Sally will have liaised with the floral suppliers regarding seasonal availability, flower varieties and pricing. She will then carefully craft a proposal of designs that reflect your personality as a couple and the wedding that you’re planning. This will contain a detailed description and costings of the design ideas for your wedding.

Step 3. The Design

Once deciding to book Serendipity for your day, we will send you a booking form and a booking fee will then secure your date with us. Three months before your wedding date you will meet with Sally again. Together we will fine tune the details and consider the nuance of every subtlety to ensure a stunning floral wedding scene worth remembering.

Step 4. The Order

Sally will place your wedding flower order with her Yorkshire supplier around 20-14 days before your wedding. Some flower varieties travel from all over the world, whether it be tropical foliage from Ecuador or classic Yorkshire roses. Your wedding flowers will arrive to our supplier on the week of your wedding. Sally always likes to go in person to see them and ensure they are of the highest quality.

Step 5. Conditioning

The flowers are then conditioned. Carefully clipped and stripped of leaves and thorns in the Serendipity workshop, and then allowed to drink plenty of water. Some have travelled thousands of miles to reach us, so this gives them a brilliant start for optimum opening and to ensure maximum quality on your wedding day.

Step 6. The Creation

We bring your floral designs to life in the days leading up to your wedding in the Serendipity workshop and at your venue. Each creation is carefully crafted, producing a beautiful, luxurious floral landscape.

Step 7. Final Touches

Sally has a particular passion for creating breathtaking bridal bouquets and always likes to create this work of art last. Often before the crack of dawn in the early hours of your wedding day, Sally will be fine tuning your beautiful bouquet. She has the soothing tunes of classical music playing throughout the workshop, helping her produce the most creative pieces for the bride’s to love and cherish forever.

If you’d like to begin the process,

feel free to inquire.