Sep 24, 2012

Which wedding bouquet to choose?

Which Wedding Bouquet To Choose?
It is often difficult for a bride to decide which style and type of wedding bouquet to choose, as there are so many wonderful options! That's where I can help........
The more I know about my bride, their dress design, favourite flowers, wedding colours, tastes etc, the easier it is for me to design and create a stunning bouquet that they will just LOVE!  Our new website has a fabulous 'Bouquet Designer Tool' page, where brides can send me their initial wedding ideas and I can then get to work on bouquet designs before we first meet!
My beautiful August bride Sarah came to me having a good idea of what she wanted her bouquet to look like. She knew she wanted a trailing bouquet in the colours of ivory, purples and lilacs (to tie in with her purple/lilac bridesmaids dresses) and she also preferred it to have a little trailing greenery. The only specific flowers she wanted were Calla Lilies and so the rest was down to me! 
I wanted to create a light, flowing, textured and ultimately stunning bridal bouquet to complement Sarah's petite frame and stunning dress. I therefore chose the construction technique of 'wiring'. This floristry technique entails the wiring and taping of each individual flower, grass and extra detail such as crystals and pearls. These individual pieces are then individually bound together at one central 'binding point' to create a stunning flowing bouquet. For Sarah's bouquet I opted for a mix of delicate flowers.....Dendrobium Orchids, Eustoma, Freesia, small Zantedeschia (Calla Lilies) and a mix of French Ruscuss, leaves and grasses.
I know I've probably made it sound easy, but this style of bouquet takes around 2/3 hours to construct, from start to finish. It is also made in the wee small hours on the day of the wedding, in order to maintain its freshness - as once wired it has no water source. Hence why these designs are much more expensive than a hand-tied bridal bouquet design. 
If you'd like a stunning trailing bridal bouquet, that is also completely unique, then this is the style to choose. It will, after all, be seen on the majority of your wedding photographs, so we may aswell make it extra special! 
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